Monday - 25 Febraury 2019

Arrival of Delegates & Registration


8:00 - 9:00

Opening Ceremony

* Master of Ceremony: Mr. Khaled Saeed, Tokio Marine


Welcome Messages

*   Dr.  Adel Mounir - FAIR Secretary General

*   Mr. Alaa El Zoheiry, FAIR Vice President & Chairman of Insurance Federation of Egypt

*   Dr. Mohammed Omran - Chairman, Financial Regulatory Authority, Egypt

*   Mr. Basel AlHiny, Chairman, Misr Holding Insurance Company

*   H.E. Mr. Hisham Tawfik, Minister, Public Enterprise Sector

*   H.E. Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance


Sign MOU between FAIR & GAIF

*   Mr.  Abdul Khaliq R. Khalil - GAIF Secretary General

*   Dr.  Adel Mounir - FAIR Secretary General


9:00 - 10:30

Coffee Break 


10:30 - 11:00

Session 1 : “Role of Regulators, Federations, & Associations in Markets Development


11:00 - 12:30

Moderator: Mr. Alaa El Zoheiry - FAIR Vice President & Chairman of Insurance Federation of Egypt

  • Speakers:

  • * Cons. Reda Abdel Moaty, Deputy Chairman, Financial Regulatory Authority, Egypt

  • * Mr. Maher AlHussein, Director, Jordan Insurance Federation


Coffee Break 


12:30 - 1:00

Session 2 : Digital Marketing: Challenges & Opportunities


1:00 - 2:30 


Mr. Khaled El Shaarany – Deputy CEO AXA Egypt



* Mr. Ahmed Hosni, Founder & Managing Director, BrokNet Group MEA - UAE

* Mr. Joseph Alapatt, Senior Vice President, AGILE Financial Technologies

* Mrs. Dady Geagea, CMO at TEKNOLOGIIA

* Mr. Shadi Saadeh, General Manager, UAE Eskadenia Software



2:30 - 3:30 



Tuesday - 26 Febraury 2019

Session 3 : Experiences of Innovations and Product Development


9:00 - 10:30

Moderator: Mr. Mohamed Mahran, M.D Allianz,Egypt



* Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, Sarwa Capital, Egypt

* Mr. Axel Bromley, M.D ,Chubb Life, Egypt

* Mr. Mohamed Saad Zaghloul, Assistant Director, Africa Re

* Ms. Sarah Salem, Senior Account Manager, Genre, Lebanon


Coffee Break 


10:30 - 11:00

Session 4 : “The Story Telling of Science of Selling”



11:00 - 12:30

Moderator: Dr. Walif Auf, M.D. Medmark, Egypt



* Mr. Hamed Mabrouk, Head of North Africa of Willis Towers Watson

* Mr. Talaat AbouKalam, Chairman & CEO, GIG-SAE Insurance Brokers

* Mr. Samir AlHussainy, Misr Life

* Ms. Joziane Hakim, Chairman & Managing Director, HIB Insurance Brokerage



Coffee Break 


12:30 - 1:00

Session 5 : “Premier Debate: Can you handle the TRUTH”



1:00 - 2:30

Moderator: Dr.Adel Mounir, FAIR Secretary General



* Mr. Adel Fatoury, M.D, Wethaq Takaful Insurance Egypt

* Ms. Abeer Saleh, MD, Bupa Egypt Insurance, Egypt

* Mr. Mohamed AlMorsy, M.D. Future Insurance Brokerage

* Mr. Sherif Moussa, Head of Internal Audit & Quality Management Division, Federal Express, Egypt





2:30 - 3:00



3:00 - 4:00


Plenary Session One




Role of Regulators, Federations, & Associations in Markets Development


The insurance industry is a large market both locally and globally. It provides a wide range of services to almost all segments of consumers, through companies of different specialties and sectors, which requires the existence of legislative and regulatory entities to ensure the provision of insurance services while preserving the rights of both consumers Insurance companies. With different cultures, standards and regulatory legislations between the various insurance markets, emerged a need to form federations and associations that act as a channel that brings all parties together to unify standardization of trends and the exchange of information and experience, with the aim of growing the insurance industry and achieving the quality of services provided to consumers at the highest levels.

Plenary Session Two




Digital Marketing: Challenges & Opportunities


Digital transformation of marketing channels has brought a change in consumer expectations. Going digital calls for revised culture and process of work. Industries across sectors are reaping the benefits of digitization.
A digital transformation in the insurance industry refers to an outside-in approach in line with a customer-centric view of the business. Development with new technology helps in bringing innovation and therefore creating new revenue streams.
A comprehensive digital transformation in the insurance industry includes a transformation of core insurance applications, customer service as well as claim operations. Insurance companies hold vast data pertaining to business process management, analytics, mobile technologies, and business applications.
Insurance companies need to focus on digital methods of garnering, processing and delivering information. This requires a comprehensive evaluation of existing tools used, process of managing documents and channels of communication. In totality, the key element is in transforming analyzed behavioral pattern of insurance customers and strategies of business models to digital readiness.

Plenary Session Three




Experiences of Innovations and Product Development


The Afro-Asian insurance industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of change, with the advent of digital technology, mobile connectivity and the social media.
Digitalization of the insurance industry has helped reduce costs. Social media and the emergence of powerful social networks are leading to innovation in distribution.
With excess capacity available in the region, insurance companies need to find innovative ways to do business and service customers. Supply is not going to change and so we need to innovate to stimulate demand.
FAIR members in the region need to provide solutions that meet the needs of consumers, and the insurance industry needs to adjust to an ever increasing digital age. They need to support and cooperate in the areas of innovation and technological development.
In this session we need to explore new product offerings as per market trends in the region and hear from leading innovators and insurers on path breaking strategies.

Plenary Session Four




The Story Telling of Science of Selling

Brief Using stories can make a strong impact on audience, differentiate you and share your success.
Stories work for several reasons: they are more memorable than numbers, names and dates, and listeners enjoy the details. Also, your listener can find himself in the story.
Storytelling about science of selling can demonstrate the professionalism, customer service, researching ability, creativity or other strengths.
Success story demonstrate the teller's ability to solve problems, dedication, leadership and independence.
Plenary Session Five
Title Premier Debate: Can you handle the TRUTH
Session Presentations

Session One

Mr. Alaa ElZoheiry   Mr. Maher AlHussain


Session Two

Mr. Joseph Alapatt


Session Three

Mr. Mohamed Saad


Session Four

Mr. Hamed Mabrouk